Why Us

Why Us

At KJT, we are equipped to address complex logistical challenges for our clients.

The Logistics and Supply Chain industry is constantly evolving, and that can present new difficulties to fast-growing businesses. At KJT, we welcome the challenge. Over the years, we continuously adapt to changes in the industry, and work with our clients to come up with customised solutions that work just for your business. This is Agile Logistics reimagined.


How We Do It



Freight Forwarding, Warehouse Management, Island-wide Delivery, Contractual Services, we do it all. Simply let us know how we can help you.



Our 22-year industry experience informs our service strategy to deliver you solutions that are timely and cost effective.



From fragile to bulky items, our team of staff are dedicated in upholding the highest standards of product handling, warehousing storage and doorstep delivery.

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